What’s New

Parking Lots Replacement Project

The 3 year paving work is complete. We have paved all 9 courts in Pinecrest. We expect them to have a lifespan of 17-25 years. Between now and then we will be rebuilding our reserves so that we will be able to maintain them when the time comes.

Cement Repair

We have also repaired and replaced cement (sidewalks and curbs) adjacent to the parking areas. Older cement that has not been replaced was in good condition – neither sunken nor cracked. It’s lifespan should be as long as the new cement. Over a short time, the difference in color will fade, and we will have saves 1000’s of dollars not replacing perfectly good cement.

Other Sidewalks and Paths

We have not reviewed other sidewalks and paved paths. As we rebuild our reserves, we will be looking at repairing those.

Tree Work

Our next project will be tree clearing and pruning. We have an arborist review the entire property each year in mid-spring after the leaves have emerged. We have them provide estimates to remove or prune trees in 3 priority groups:

  1. Trees that are a danger to safety
  2. Trees that could cause property damage (over-hanging branches on houses)
  3. Unsightly or dead trees in view

If you have an issue with any trees near your properly, please contact the board. We always have the arborist review any trees that are reported, although those do not necessarily get on the immediate work list. We rarely have the budget to get through the entire list. Any tree work involving endangering safety, however, will be completed.

Tot Lots

The last remaining tot-lot that needs replacement is on Inner Emerald Heights Left.  If you live on that court and would like to help plan the replacement, please contact the board.