2020 Tree Work

We have the arborist’s report. We have around 30-40 areas where a tree needs to be removed, or a group of trees need to be pruned. We are focusing on trees that pose a danger to people, such as dead trees or limbs hanging over streets sidewalks and houses. We are also planning to prune trees back from over the tops of houses.

If you see a tree that you think needs work, please email the board and we will add that to the list for review by the arborist.

When the work is scheduled, we will make another post with the approximate dates when the work will be performed.

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January Board Meeting Postponed to February due to snow

Due to the closure of the Southgate Community Center last Wednesday, January 8th, the board meeting could not be held. We are tentatively scheduling this for February 12th. Look for the Event once this is finalized.

Update: The meeting was not rescheduled. The next Board meeting will be Wednesday, March 11th 6:30pm at Southgate Community Center.

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Tree Work Completed for 2019

All of the tree work we had planned for 2019 has been completed. For 2020, we will do our annual walk-through of the property with an arborist once the trees leaf out in the spring.

In the meantime, if you have a tree issue, please report it via email to the board.

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Upcoming Tree Work

We have had a couple of tree companies survey our property and provide estimates for tree pruning and removal. As usual, we cannot afford to do all the work in one year, but we will be starting this work soon.

As we have further updates, we will post them here. We are still in the award phase and will likely need several more weeks to arrive at a decision and sign the contract.

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Updated Website

Our old website was hacked and malware installed on it. Visiting our old site may have caused malware to be installed on your computer. Please install anti-malware software or have your computer serviced by a professional to ensure that you have not had your system compromised

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