A Reston Community

Pinecrest Cluster is a diverse community of 220 townhouses located in the Northern Virginia planned community of Reston. West of Washington D.C., Pinecrest is in Fairfax County just a few miles east of Dulles Airport. We are also centered along one of the most important employment corridors of both Virginia and the Washington D.C. area, between Tyson’s Corner and Dulles/Sterling. Living in Pinecrest gives you the opportunity to live in a quiet tree-lined neighborhood while remaining close to many potential employers. Shops and restaurants are tucked discreetly around Reston, and the new exciting Reston Town Center is just a short couple of miles north of Pinecrest.

Reston is a Natural Habitat Community

One of the unique features of Reston is the attention given to building a modern neighborhood that coexists in harmony with the natural flora and fauna of the area. Hundreds of years ago, all of Reston was temperate forest in the middle of the Piedmont between the coastal plains and the Appalachian Mountains to the west. Today, most developments have cleared the trees and have replaced them with acres of lawn, increasing maintenance expenses, using fertilizer and water to keep green, and not providing any benefit to either the homeowner or nature. In Reston, the trees have been kept in place as much as practicable. This results in cooler temperatures in the Summer, protection from the wind in Winter, habitat for native species, and scenery for the residents.