Association Rules

Part of living in a community includes making decisions about common behavior that may affect others. What is acceptable in an isolated environment may not be appropriate in a suburb, and some things that do not bother others in a suburb may cause annoyance in more compact living arrangements. At the same time, we must provide some allowance for activities others may want to engage in. To help provide guidelines for these decisions, Homeowner Associations are permitted to regulate activities within certain limits, usually defined by county law and/or property covenants.

Remember, the goal here is to help everyone live together. Please try to follow the rules listed below. What is acceptable or not may change over time, but the rules will not change unless you help by attending meetings. At these meetings you can propose new rules, removal of old rules, or modifications to existing rules. These rules belong to the entire community.

  • Excessive noise at any time. (County Law)
  • Additional noise rules in effect from 11:00pm until 7:00am
  • Dogs > 4 months old must be licensed. (County Law)
  • Dogs must be on leashes. (County Law)
  • Dog owners must dispose of dog waste properly. (County Law)
  • Large commercial vehicles cannot be parked in the parking lot overnight.
  • You may not service vehicles in the parking lot.
  • Please do not litter and please teach children to obey this rule.
  • Do not dump anything in the woods (grass clippings, leaves, dirt, sticks, woods, trash).
  • Please bring in your trash containers as soon as possible after pickup. If you are not going to be back the day of trash pickup, please arrange to have a neighbor collect your containers.

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