Each unit has access to two assigned parking spaces. Please know which two spaces have been assigned to you. If you do not know, please contact the owner if you are renting, or TWC if you are a homeowner and do not know which two spaces are yours.

Acceptable Uses

Parking is intended for residents and their guests. It is not for storage of recreational or commercial vehicles, nor for vehicles needing repair. Any vehicle that does not have valid tags or registration is subject to towing at any time.

Space Assignment

You may have noticed that the numbers on your spaces do not match your house number. This is intentional. To deter crime, having parking space number different from your house number makes it more difficult to determine whether or not you are home. Also, please understand that the spaces were assigned to be as fair as possible. The space in front of your house may be the closest to you, but there are several units with no spaces in front of them, so you may have been bumped down a few spaces to accomodate them.

Visitor Spaces

There are several visitor spaces, but as you may have noticed, they are usually full. If you notice a vehicle in these spaces that does not seem to be in use, please contact TWC. Of course, any vehicle without valid tags or registration is subject to towing at any time.

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