Pinecrest Signage Updates

Pinecrest is submitting a Reston Design Review Board (DRB) application to update and replace our property signs. These signs specify what parts of Pinecrest are private property for residents only, and where the public rights-of -way are to help guide visitors through and around our community.

DRB Application Description

This application is for the approval of the addition of signs to Pinecrest Cluster’s Commonly owned amenities, such as the tot lots and connections to the RA pathways. The informational signage currently within Pinecrest does not adequately communicate Virginia’s Code and the Pinecrest Community’s expectations and values. Over time, some of the original community signs have become worn and hard to read. Some have simply gone missing and need to be replaced. The 2021 sign update is intended to community Virginia’s Code and Pinecrest Community Standards to residents and visitors to our community in a firm yet friendly way that encourages the proper use of Pinecrest Cluster’s commonly owned amenities. Please see the accompanying documents for specs and Photos. (These are included in the submitted DRB application.

We are in the process of submitting this application. If anyone would like to provide feedback, please either reach out to the board or attend the DRB meeting when it is scheduled. We will post here once we are on the schedule.

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