Report things you see

If you look around and wonder why nothing is being done about that appliance sitting there, or that tree limb that fell down, or trash strewn all over – don’t assume we know about it. Tell us! You can report things that need attention on this website, or you can simply email the board.

We don’t have people patrolling the neighborhood, so unless another resident has seen and reported the issue, it’s likely the board and our hired management company, TWC, doesn’t know about it.

Except the broken lights. We know all about those and are having difficulty getting Dominion Power to come and fix them. We are still working on that. We have around 16 non-functioning lights throughout Pinecrest.

We also know about these things and have them on our list to be fixed

  • The broken railing on the Tot Lot behind Cloudcroft and Antiqua
  • The bridge to that same Tot Lot needs replacement
  • A broken bench near the Cloudcroft Tot Lot
  • Another broken bench near the Antiqua/Emerald Heights Tot Lot
  • A sink hole and broken glass behind Antiqua
  • The trash being dumped around the trail behind Lofty Heights near Pinecrest Rd.
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